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Announcements Announces Second Software Release (16.09)

By September 26, 2016June 27th, 2017No Comments

The Project, relentlessly focused on data IO speed and efficiency supporting the creation of high performance, flexible, and scalable software defined infrastructures, announces the availability of the community’s second software release (16.09).
The 16.09 release brings incremental functionality from across three of the projects:

– VPP (Vector Packet Processing): the core dataplane project is greatly enhanced.

– Honeycomb Agent : A netconf/restconf management agent is now available to manage the dataplane components from an external OpenDaylight controller.

– NSH_SFC Plugin: A VPP plugin enabling Network Service Header (NSH) header Service Function Chaining (SFC) is now available.


VPP 16.09 release key highlights:

  • Quality and consumability including: Coverity static analysis warnings now at zero, automatic generation of documentation for both the code and CLI at, and rpm/deb packaging for CentOS 7, Ubuntu 14.04, and Ubuntu 14.06 being made available via apt/yum repos.
  • New in-tree plugins for IPv6 ILA (Identifier locator addressing), iOAM, and Secure Network Address Translation (SNAT).
  • The LISP functionality has been expanded to include Map-resolver failover, L2 overlays, multi-tenancy, multi-homing, and RTRs (Re-encapsulation tunnel routers).
  • Other new features include: high-performance (line-rate) “neutron like” L4 port-filtering, dynamically ordered subgraphs,  64-bit vector lengths, huge shared-memory segments, and support for DPDK 16.07.

Honeycomb Agent 16.09 initial release highlights:

  • It provides netconf/restconf for the following yang models on top of vpp: ietf-interface, ietf-ip, vhost-user interface management, tap interface management, encap management for vxlan, vxlan-gpe, gre, vlan, and nsh, management of bridge domains, l2 and l3 acls via ietf-acl model, and configuration of LISP mapping server.
  • Honeycomb provides rpms/deb packages in apt/yum repos for installation.

NSH_SFC Plugin 16.09 initial release highlights:

  • Support for NSH Service Function Forwarder (SFF), Network Service Header (NSH) proxy for SFs, and VXLAN-GPE/GRE for encaps.